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Policy Bulletin 2019 / 1 (Family Law Policy)

16 Jan 2019

From 2016 through to 2018, Legal Aid NSW undertook a review of the eligibility policies. The review involved consultation with staff from the Family Law Practice and the Grants Division. The aspect of the review that proposed new policies relating to people experiencing domestic and family violence was approved by the Board and implemented in September. The current changes clarify certain aspects of the policy so its application is more consistent. The CEO has now approved these policy changes.

What has changed?

The family law policies have been amended to remove the need for an applicant to be at significant disadvantage if a matter is proceeding to litigation. The location, recovery and information orders have been streamlined. The scope of assistance for Hague Convention matters has been clarified to include funding for FDR. The substantial issue in dispute has been removed from contravention matters.

Changes have been incorporated into:

  • Parenting matters [Policy Online at 5.3 and 5.4]
  • Recovery orders, location and information orders [Policy 5.5]
  • International child abduction matters [Policy 5.10]
  • Contravention matters [Policy 5.11].


Contact for further information

Please contact the Client Eligibility Unit for any questions about the change on aideen.mcgarrigle@legalaid.nsw.gov.au or 9219 5701.