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Remote preferred provider scheme

Remote preferred provider pilots


Legal Aid NSW is piloting “remote preferred provider” (RPP) schemes for the assignment of care matters in Moree and Broken Hill.  The Guidelines for the RPP schemes are available. There are three parallel RPP schemes being piloted:

  1. An RPP scheme for the allocation of both adults’ and children’s care matters in Broken Hill.  
  2. An RPP scheme for the allocation of children’s care matters in Moree.
  3. An RPP scheme for the allocation of adults’ care matters in Moree.

Background to the Remote Preferred Provider Pilots

Internal review has highlighted that Legal Aid NSW’s mixed model of service delivery does not always meet the needs of clients in remote areas. For instance, in both Broken Hill and Moree, there are no local lawyers on the Legal Aid NSW Care and Protection Panels.  In Moree, the community also reported difficulties accessing legal advice in care matters and there were reports that some adults in care matters were not being legally represented.

The aim of the RPP pilots is to deliver a consistent, high-quality supply of care lawyers to service these communities through a formal and transparent process.  In both towns, the pilots are being accompanied by an increased Legal Aid NSW in-house presence.  For instance, Legal Aid NSW has employed a local lawyer in Broken Hill with expertise in family and care and protection law.  In Moree, Legal Aid NSW has also started providing a monthly duty service for adults with care matters, followed by an advice clinic on care and family law.

The RPP pilots commenced in October 2016.  They will be reviewed after one year. The pilots may cease or continue, with or without changes, depending on the outcome of that review.