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bailact The new Bail Act 2013 commenced on 20 May 2014.

This page provides links to resources pertinent to the new Act, such as legislation, case law and papers.

Bail Legislation


Bail forms

Supreme Court Bail

Applicants seeking legal aid for Supreme Court Bail must submit an application for legal aid. Applications should be submitted by the practitioner with carriage of their substantive proceedings via Grants Online using the Supreme Court Bail grant application.

A completed Request/Referral form and other relevant documents should be submitted as attachments to the application for aid.

  • Request/ Referral form
    This form must be completed and uploaded as an attachment to the Supreme Court Bail grant of aid application via Grants Online, along with other relevant papers including CANs, facts and the client’s record.

The practitioner with carriage of the substantive matter/s will be contacted to discuss the application.

  • Proposed conditions of Bail
    The ICLC/ SCB unit would be assisted by you completing and forwarding your views of potential conditions of bail for the applicant. Please circle the number/s of the Bail conditions considered appropriate and attach to the grant of aid application.

Applications once processed go to the Supreme Court Bails (SCB) Unit which is part of Inner City Local Courts (ICLC), Criminal Law Division, Central Sydney office.

Email: supreme.court.bails@legalaid.nsw.gov.au
Phone: 9219 5600
Fax:  9219 5541