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Criminal law 2021 conference papers

Day 1


Conference opening - Annmarie Lumsden.pdf


Her Excellency The Honourable Margaret Beazley AC QC, Governor of NSW.docx

Legal Aid NSW: aiding the individual, the judiciary and the development of criminal law

The Honuorable Justice Michelle Gordan AC High Court of Australia.pdf

Ethics:  some practical scenarios

Riyad El-Choufani, Barrister, Forbes Chambers.pdf

Riyad El-Choufani, Barrister, Forbes Chambers.pptx

Questioning witnesses - to put or not to put

Rose Khalilizadeh, Barrister, Forbes Chambers.pptx

Day 2

Criminal law update 2021

Lizzie McLaughlin, Public Defender.pptx

Lizzie McLaughlin, Public Defender.pdf

New mental health and cognitive impairment legislation: changes and practical tips

Jane Sanders, Solicitor, Shopfront Legal.docx

Thomas Spohr, Public Solicitor Advocate, Legal Aid NSW.pdf

Thomas Spohr, Public Solicitor Advocate, Legal Aid NSW.pptx

Context evidence - how does that get in?

Sharyn Hall, Barrister, Samuel Griffith Chambers.pptx

Police torts

Anthony Levin, Senior Solicitor, Civil Law, Legal Aid NSW.pptx

Intensive Correction Orders, revocation and the State Parole Authority

Eugene Renard, Trial Advocate, Legal Aid NSW and Rebecca Simpson, Solicitor in Charge, Prisoners Legal Service, Legal Aid NSW.pptx

Forum for private solicitors

Private Practitioners forum presentation.pptx

  • Jocelyn Flanagan, Director, Grants, Legal Aid NSW
  • Steven Doumit, Senior Solicitor, Grants, Legal Aid NSW

Private Lawyer Quality Standards Unit (PLQS) presentation.pptx

  • Mel Burgess, Solicitor in Charge, Private Lawyer Quality Standards Unit, Legal Aid NSW