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Get legal help

UPDATE: If you need legal help, call LawAccess NSW on 1300 888 529 or contact your local Legal Aid office

In trouble with the police, need help with an AVO, getting a divorce, in debt, having problems with your pension, immigration or fines?

Help over the phone

Call LawAccess NSW on 1300 888 529 to get started. Legal Aid NSW also has a number of specialist services that provide help over the phone.

Find information

Watch 3 short videos about how Legal Aid NSW can help you.

We also have other factsheets and resources to help you with your problem.

Read our easy English brochure on 'How Can Legal Aid NSW help me?'.

Get advice from a lawyer

We provide free legal advice on most legal issues including domestic and family violence. We also provide assistance in response to natural disasters, including bushfires and floods. Call LawAccess NSW to find a service near you or use our map to find your closest Legal Aid NSW service.

Help at court

If you need to go to court we may be able to provide assistance on the day you appear at court or represent you.

Workshops about the law

We run free information sessions and workshops about the law for the public, schools, community groups and other organisations around NSW.


Information about Legal Aid NSW is available in a range of community languages and in Auslan Symbol for signing or interpreting.

Legal Aid NSW app

The Legal Aid NSW app (available for Apple and Android devices) gives you easy access to information about Legal Aid NSW services and the law. Read more about the Legal Aid NSW app.