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Traffic offences

Local Court traffic matters

Legal aid may be available for traffic offence matters in the Local Court only if a term of imprisonment is a possible outcome or there are exceptional circumstances.

Eligibility requirements

Legal Aid NSW will assess your income and assets,


A term of imprisonment is a possible outcome,


there are exceptional circumstances for example, you have difficulty dealing with the legal system because of a psychiatric condition, disability, intellectual impairment or other reason.

For all other traffic offence matters, please visit our Guided Pathway for traffic offences. This tool has useful information about traffic matters, including what to do if you get a penalty notice, licence suspension or court attendance notice.

Do you have a fine?

Legal aid is usually not available to defend fines in courts or tribunals. If you have a fine, please visit the FineFixer website.The FineFixer tool has useful information about how to deal with your fines problem.