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Legal aid application process


You should get legal advice before you fill in an application form. You may be able to get help with your legal problem without needing to go to court.

You can get free legal advice from Legal Aid NSW offices and outreach clinics at nearly 250 locations around NSW. A lawyer can tell you if you need a grant of legal aid.

You can call LawAccess NSW on 1300 888 529 to find your closest legal advice service or you can use our website to find a Legal Aid NSW advice service.

If your lawyer says you need a grant of legal aid you need to complete a legal aid application form. Your lawyer may be able to submit your application for legal aid for you.

You can download and print the Legal Aid NSW application form.This form asks you about your legal problem and your financial situation. The information you give us helps us work out if you are eligible for legal aid.

If you are eligible for legal aid we will give you a lawyer to represent you. This will be either a lawyer who works at Legal Aid NSW or a private lawyer from one of our panels. If you want to choose your own lawyer, you need to ask your lawyer to submit your application for legal aid for you. If you submit the application for legal aid yourself you cannot choose your own lawyer.

Check our frequently asked questions about applying for legal aid.