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Find a panel lawyer

A private lawyer can represent you under a legal aid grant if they are appointed to a Legal Aid NSW panel. You can search for criminal, civil, family or child protection panel lawyers by name or by postcode, suburb or town on this page. You can also find which lawyers are on specialist panels e.g. the Women's Domestic Violence Panel, the Mental Health Panel, the Veteran's Panel or the Independent Children's Lawyer Panel.

You may not necessarily get the lawyer you choose from the panels list. In making its decision, Legal Aid NSW needs to apply certain policies and guidelines. You should check with your lawyer about whether they will charge for any work done for you before they apply for legal aid on your behalf.

If you need legal help please go to our Get legal help page.

Please contact the Service Desk on 02 9219 5999 or at servicedesk@legalaid.nsw.gov.au, if there are any issues with panel lawyer details in the search result. These issues can include a panel lawyer’s details not being up-to-date or they are a panel member but their details don’t appear in a search result.