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Credit law toolkit

Copyright and disclaimer

This toolkit is copyright. Non-profit community groups have permission to reproduce parts of this book as long as the original meaning is retained and proper acknowledgement is given. All other persons and organisations wanting to reproduce material from the book should obtain permission from the Financial Rights Legal Centre.

The Credit Law Toolkit is jointly produced by the Financial Rights Legal Centre and Legal Aid NSW.

The Credit Law Toolkit is written by Katherine Lane.

ISBN 978-0-9807517-1-0


Karen Cox provided substantial review, comments and suggested text to this Toolkit. Financial Rights Legal Centre (NSW) and Legal Aid NSW thank everyone who reviewed the drafts of the Toolkit for their very useful comments. You are: Paul Batley, Christian Mikula, Alexandra Kelly, Linda Black, Charlie Brown (and team), Margaret Clements, David Coorey, Bernadette Douglas, Philip Field, Paul Gillett, Tim Gough, Fiona Guthrie, Susan Howarth, Greta Hunter, Alice Lin, Pip Martin, John Moratelli, Gregory Mowle, Greg Russell, Catherine Uhr, and Raj Venga.

Funded by the Department of Social Services.

Cover and text design: Rene Graphics


The Financial Rights Legal Centre & Legal Aid NSW disclaim all liability for errors or omissions of any kind whatsoever, or for any loss or damage, in whole or in part, arising from any person relying on any information in this handbook.

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