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Discrimination toolkit

Discrimination complaint essentials

What do I need to remember?

  • You should make your complaint to the AHRC within 6 months of when the discrimination happened or to ADNSW within 12 months of when the discrimination happened.
  • You don’t have to be represented by a lawyer but you should at least get some legal advice, and the earlier the better.
  • Your complaint must be in writing.
  • You can withdraw your complaint at any time.
  • The AHRC and ADNSW won’t take sides; they stay impartial.
  • The AHRC and ADNSW can’t make a decision about whether or not the discrimination happened. Only a court or tribunal can do this.
  • Conciliation is free.
  • Conciliation is confidential.
  • Conciliation involves compromise.
  • Conciliation allows some kinds of results that courts and tribunals can’t give you.