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Seeking urgent recovery orders in the Family Court


Helpful websites

Family Court and Federal Magistrates Court joint website has all the forms and fact sheets which can be provided to your client.

The Australian Federal Police website, includes a kit on family law.

Legal Aid NSW

Legal Aid NSW is an independent government funded agency which provides legal representation to people who cannot afford a lawyer and who qualify for legal aid. Legal Aid NSW provides free advice to the public, a duty solicitor at Family Courts and Federal Magistrates Courts, and an accredited lawyer-assisted family dispute conferencing service.

The Legal Aid NSW website has copies of this kit which can be downloaded from the Tab: For Lawyers > Resources and tools > Family law. The Factsheets and resources Tab on this website has information about Recovery Orders which may be downloaded for your clients.

This publication

This kit has been prepared by the Family Law Division of Legal Aid NSW (Legal Aid). It can be downloaded from the Legal Aid NSW website from the tab For lawyers > Resources and tools > Family law. The kit is not available in hard copy form.

Disclaimer: Legal Aid NSW disclaims all liability for errors or omissions of any kind or for any damage in whole or in part arising from any person relying on any information in this kit.

Last updated May 2009

Photos by Dani Pontes

Legal Aid NSW Offices

The contact details for the current list of Legal Aid offices can be found under the Contact us tab.