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How we provide our services

We will give every client who comes to us for legal help a Client Disclosure Statement. This statement sets out how we provide our services.

The Client Disclosure Statement includes an Easy English version on the reverse. Translations are also available in 23 community languages.

It lets you know that:

  • we keep all our clients' information confidential.
  • our lawyers may help more than one party in the same case. If this happens, one lawyer will help one client and another lawyer will help the other client.
  • when our lawyers help different clients in the same case they will not:
    • have access to information about the other client
    • share information with each other.

You can find more information about this in our Conflict of Interest Policy.

If a client accepts our help after they get the Client Disclosure Statement, it means they agree to the way we treat their confidential information.