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Annual Report 2010 - 2011

Highlights at a glance

What we did

We provided 818,250 client services and increased our programs and services by allocating resources effectively. By taking our services right into communities through outreach programs, we provided much needed legal services, increasing minor assistance services by 37.5%. New early intervention programs will help keep people out of court and the prison system whilst new regional programs are bringing our services into the reach of more people in rural and regional New South Wales.

As well as completing the goals set out in our Corporate Plan 2009-2011, we developed a new Legal Aid NSW Plan to guide our work over the next two years. We are in a strong position to look to the future.

2009-2011 Corporate Plan

There are four priorities in the 2009-2011 Corporate Plan.

Priority 1: Social inclusion

Prioritising services for people at greatest risk of social exclusion

Priority 2: Access to justice

Legal assistance through information, community education and reform

Priority 3: Integrated services

Strong partnerships with local legal service providers, community groups and government

Priority 4: Organisational flexibility

Responding to changing legal needs

Financial management

Our net financial result was a deficit of $0.6 million, which is a small improvement on the budgeted deficit and a further improvement on the previous year’s deficit of $2.6 million.

Financial summary 2009-2010 ($M) 2010-2011 ($M) Change (%)
Operating revenue 215.1 230.1 7.0
Operating expenses 217.2 230.2 6.0
Total assets 98.9 97.8 (1.1)
Total liabilities 62.9 62.1 (1.3)
Surplus/Deficit (2.6) (0.6) 76.9
Net equity 36.0 35.8 (0.6)