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Annual Report 2010 - 2011

Executive directors

"Our senior management team is diverse and highly experienced, each director contributing to the strength of our organisation and helping to achieve our goals."

Alan Kirkland

Alan KirklandBA LLB MBA (Exec)
Chief Executive Officer (SES Level 6)
Budget Total: $227.2M
Staff: (FTE) 880.28
Total Actual: 972

Prior to being appointed as CEO in July 2008, Alan was the Executive Director of the Australian Law Reform Commission; Director, Community Access, with the Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care (NSW); and Director of the NSW Council of Social Service.

Alan has been a member of the boards of a range of non-government organisations and has also held statutory appointments to bodies including the Social Security Appeals Tribunal (Cth), the Administrative Decisions Tribunal (NSW) and the Sustainability Advisory Council (NSW).

Alan’s Performance Statement and membership on current boards and committees appear in Appendix 1.

This year Alan has reformed the senior management structure at Legal Aid NSW and led the expansion of legal aid services in line with the priorities set out in the National Partnership Agreement on Legal Assistance Services.

Patricia O’Farrell

Patrciia O'FarrellLLB
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Operations (SES Level 4)
Budget Total: $57.0M
Staff: (FTE) 761.64
Total Actual: 847

Patricia took up her position in March 2011. The new position of Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Operations replaces the former Deputy Chief Executive Officer positions.

Patricia commenced work as a lawyer in private practice in 1993.

Since 2004, Patricia has worked as a lawyer and as a senior executive in the public sector in New South Wales, Western Australia and the Commonwealth.

Prior to joining Legal Aid NSW, Patricia was an Assistant Secretary, and Director of the Legal Services Branch in the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing.

Richard Funston

Richard FnustonBCom LLB EMPA
Accredited Criminal Law Specialist
Executive Director Grants and Community Partnerships (SES Level 2)
Budget Total: $114.3M
Staff (FTE): 100.89
Total Actual: 109

Richard’s earlier experience includes eight years with Victoria Legal Aid and four years as Principal Solicitor of the Inner City Legal Centre in New South Wales.

During his 14 years with Legal Aid NSW, Richard has held leadership roles across the organisation.

Richard has worked closely with private lawyers – hearing their concerns and coming up with solutions to their problems.

The Community Partnerships area has consolidated into a strong client focussed, front line service delivery area of excellence.

Clare Hamilton

Clare HamiltonBBus (Accounting) CPA
Director, Corporate Finance (Senior Officer Grade 2)
Budget Total: $3.3M
Staff (FTE): 18.3
Total Actual: 20

Clare joined Legal Aid NSW in 2008 as Director, Corporate Finance.

Clare’s experience over 26 years includes senior finance roles in New South Wales government agencies ranging from Botanic Gardens Trust to Juvenile Justice and Education and Training.

Clare developed a new budget framework and significantly changed financial reporting structures to simplify management reporting.

Annmarie Lumsden

Annmarie LumsdenBA LLB Dip Bus EMPA
Accredited Criminal Law Specialist
Executive Director Strategic Policy, Planning and Management Reporting (SES Level 2)
Budget Total: $0.8M
Staff (FTE): 22
Total Actual: 23

Annmarie was appointed to this new position, established as part of the restructure, in June 2011 after serving as Director Grants from June 2009.

In her 13 years at Legal Aid NSW, she has held a number of senior roles.

Her earlier experience includes seven years at the Legal Aid Office ACT, as well as working in private practice and government.

Annmarie’s key achievement as Director Grants was consolidating the implementation of our grants management system. Annmarie also completed her Executive Masters in Public Administration, and undertook an analysis of cost drivers of criminal law expenditure.

Brian Sandland

Brian SandlandBCom LLB PSM
Executive Director Legal Services Criminal Law (SES Level 2)
Budget Total: $29.1M
Staff (FTE): 278.82
Total Actual: 314

Brian has worked in private practice and then in Legal Aid NSW for 31 years, firstly in civil law for four years and then criminal law for the last 27 years.

He has held senior management roles in regional offices and Central Sydney and been Director of the Criminal Law Division since 2003.

Brian has been working on meeting demand for legal services as a result of justice sector reforms including the expansion of the Drug Court in the Hunter region and the transfer to New South Wales of a large number of people charged with people smuggling offences.

Kylie Beckhouse

Kylie BeckhouseBA LLB Accredited Family Law Specialist
Executive Director Legal Services Family Law (Senior Officer Grade 2)
Budget Total: $16.1M
Staff (FTE): 201.12
Total Actual: 227

Kylie was appointed to head our family law practice in May 2009. Before then she held senior management roles throughout Legal Aid NSW, including in Central Sydney, Liverpool, Parramatta, Blacktown and Child Support Service.

Her earlier experience includes seven years in private practice. She is an accredited specialist in family law.

Kylie’s main achievement this year was forming the Early Intervention Unit and subsequent expansion of outreach and duty court services.

Wayne Gale

Wayne GaleBA (Computing) MCom (Accounting)
Executive Director, Information Technology Services and Records (Senior Officer Grade 2)
Budget Total: $3.3M
Staff (FTE): 32.25
Total Actual: 33

Wayne was appointed to his position in January 2007. During 2010-2011 his role expanded to include responsibility for records management. Wayne’s career in information technology spans 25 years including senior roles both in the private sector providing information technology services and solutions to government, and more recently working directly in the government sector.

Wayne’s key achievement was developing our Information and Communications Technology Strategic Plan 2011-2013, outlining initiatives and focus areas over the next three years that will support and enable Legal Aid NSW to consistently deliver on its targets.

Monique Hitter

Monique HitterBSW Dip Law
Executive Director Legal Services Civil Law (Senior Officer Grade 1)
Budget Total: $11.9M
Staff (FTE): 168.81
Total Actual: 185

Monique has worked as a lawyer since 1997 in both the government and private sector.

Monique developed the model for the Cooperative Legal Services Delivery Program and managed its pilot in 2004. It has now been implemented in many regions across New South Wales.

Monique is currently a Director of the Public Interest Law Clearing House.

Monique has been the Director of the Civil Law Division since July 2007.

This year Monique expanded the Government Law Program and civil law outreach services, with a particular emphasis on early intervention and community education. Monique also assumed responsibility for the Client Assessment and Referrals team.

Vicki Leaver

Vicki LeaverBA Dip Ed
Executive Director People and Organisational Development (Senior Officer Grade 2)
Budget Total: $1.6M
Staff (FTE): 18.97
Total Actual: 21

Vicki was appointed with effect from 4 July 2011, after the role of Director, Human Resources Management was replaced with an Executive Director, People and Organisational Development.

The new position has a stronger focus on staff development and staff health and wellbeing.

Vicki commenced her career as a primary school teacher.

Prior to joining Legal Aid NSW, Vicki held senior roles at RailCorp and the Department of Health.