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Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Communicating effectively with our audience

Launching a new website in September 2011 became the first initiative to be completed under the new Communications Strategy for Legal Aid NSW. The main objective is to ensure relevant audiences, both external and internal, know about Legal Aid NSW activities and services.

Major achievement

Priority: Access to justice

The new website provides clear pathways for members of the public who need legal help and for lawyers and service providers assisting clients with legal problems. Features include:

The content, all of which is in plain language, includes all policies as well as frequently asked questions about legal advice, help at court and applying for legal aid. Most fact sheets are available in HTML as well as pdf, ensuring accessibility for people using screen readers. Information about Legal Aid NSW is available in 32 languages.

The number of internet pages accessed by the community in 2011–2012 was 2,042,208. The number of visitors was 577,757.

“As soon as I opened it I could see from the list of topics on the home page where to go to find the information that I need.”
Legal Aid NSW website user

Planning ahead

Year ahead

Survey users of the new website to make sure it is meeting their needs.

Undertake a research project to determine whether social media can improve our reach to our target audience.