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Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Measuring performance

Measuring our performance helps us improve our services to clients and the community. Legal Aid NSW has maintained a solid performance effort in 2011–2012. We provided more information, advice, duty and minor assistance services. We have sustained the quality of our services with 97.7% of inhouse file reviews being satisfactory. A client survey in 2011 showed an 89.5% satisfaction rating. Another survey will be conducted in 2012–2013.

In 2012–2013 we will be undertaking a review of our key performance indicators which have remained static for several years. The review is timely given the start of a new planning cycle, improved reporting capability through implementation of our new business intelligence reporting tool, and the results emerging from the review of the National Partnership Agreement by the Commonwealth. Consequently, performance reporting and service delivery targets in next year’s Annual Report will vary from those shown in the present Annual Report.

Key Performance Indicators
Performance Area Result 09–10 Result 10–11 Result 11–12
Community awareness of legal rights and responsibilities
Client satisfaction rating N/A (survey not conducted during 2009–10) 89.5% N/A (next survey to be conducted 2012–13)
Average waiting time for advice appointments 1.12 weeks 0.94 weeks 0.84 weeks
Number of information services provided 497,872 514,060 609,299
Rate per 100,000 of NSW population accessing information services 6,991 7,138 8,367
Number of advice and minor assistance services provided 93,666 97,315 111,347
Rate per 100,000 of NSW population accessing advice and minor assistance services 1,315 1,351 1,529
Number of publications distributed 634,496 647,800 678,103
Rate per 100,000 of people accessing publications 8,910 8,995 9,312
Accessibility of legal aid
Means test income limit as a % of national minimum weekly wage 58.5% 55.8% 54.0%
Percentage of Local Court sittings serviced by duty lawyer schemes 100% 100% 100%
Representation service standards
Percentage of satisfactory comprehensive inhouse file reviews 97.4% 97.8% 97.7%
Number of Legal Aid NSW lawyers with specialist accreditation 65 68 71
Number of Legal Aid NSW lawyer attendances at training sessions 2,648 2,034 2,471
Number of private lawyer attendances at Legal Aid NSW training sessions 1,560 796 878

Service delivery targets

An overview of service delivery targets and results relating to delivery of Legal Aid NSW services

Measure (total number) 2010–2011 performance 2011–2012 target 2011–2012 performance 2012–2013 target
Legal advice services 85,239 86,271 87,000
Information services 514,060 530,000 609,299 615,000
Inhouse and assigned duty services 168,007 170,000 171,744 172,000
Conferences - family dispute resolution 2,486 2,600 2,586 2,620
Community legal education sessions 2,148 2,150 2,211 2,250
Outreach advice services 10,092 11,000 11,446 11,800
Locations with regular outreach legal services* 146 150 153 165
Locations with regular outreach for Aboriginal communities 12 14 20 22

* Where inhouse practice areas conduct outreach in the same location, the location is only counted once. Includes outreach locations of the Regional Outreach Clinic Program and the Cooperative Legal Service Delivery Program.