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Annual Report 2015 - 2016

Learning and development

Fact file
3,118 people attended Legal Aid NSW conferences and seminars
2,131 attendances at Legal Aid NSW courses and workshops
1,238 online learning modules completed—a 5.5% increase
122 distinct courses and workshops conducted for staff

OBJECTIVE Supporting our people

Learning programs support staff to advance knowledge and leadership skills

In December 2015, we began implementing the Workforce Development Plan 2016–2020. The purpose of the plan is to sustain the capable and flexible workforce we need to effectively and efficiently lead the way, develop our employees and deliver outstanding client services.

We improved the induction process for new employees so that managers and employees can more easily work together to track progress. Successfully completing the induction and orientation is a prerequisite to finalising a new employee’s probationary period.

A New Leaders Program saw 25 current and aspiring managers start a six-day program in April 2016 that will finish in November 2016. A balance of on-the-job, classroom and practice sessions aim to give participants the opportunity to advance their leadership skills. The program reflects the organisation’s commitment to build leadership capability at all levels.

Twelve regional Solicitors-in-Charge have trained in regional office planning, using data about potential legal need in the geographical catchment, and service delivery data to inform service planning and stakeholder relationships. Five managers completed the training in 2015–2016 and another seven started the training in June 2016.

The introduction of our performance development system—Individual Planning—was supported by workshops and an online (Just-In-Time) learning site. The workshops were attended by 734 people and the site was accessed 2,770 times.

The need to improve clear written communication across the organisation accelerated the development of an online learning site and a workshop on clear communication. Since their launch in June the site has been used 64 times and 50 people have attended the workshop.

Videos, audio and animations are helping our online learning sites deliver the professional development staff want. Checklists, cheat sheets, short readings and five things to practise on-the-job are also included on the sites. This approach has proved very popular with staff.