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Annual Report 2015 - 2016

Fact file

Our clients

Aboriginal flag

Aboriginal 11.5%

world map

Born in non-English speaking countries 12.5%

female icon

Female 26.0%

icon with silhouette of male & female bicycle riders

Under 18 13.7%

icon showing silhouettes of a group of people

Aged 18–60 84.1%

icon showing silhouette of an older couple

Over 60 2.2%

silhouette of Parliament House

On Commonwealth benefits 47.5%

silhouette of a family - mother, father and 2 children

With dependants 12.3%

silhouette of the state of NSW

Rural and regional 47%*

*Includes Newcastle and Wollongong

icon of finger pointing Note: Based on total case grants and inhouse duty services

Services to clients

Pie chart for legal representation: Total 37,131,  Inhouse 11,837, Private lawyers 25,294Pie chart for Total duty services: Total 196,004, Inhouse 125,239, Private lawyers 70,765Pie chart for Total other services: Total 676,217, Information services 528,798, Legal advice 104,547, Minor assistance 42,872

Total = 909,352 services

Our staff

Pie chart for Staff locations: Regional offices 554, Central Sydney office 562Pie chart for Staff distribution: Lawyers 586, Administrative and corporate services 530

79 Legal Aid NSW inhouse lawyers have Law Society of NSW specialist accreditation for expertise in their field.

41.2% of our case and duty services were provided by private lawyers.(See Appendix 6)

See Managing our organisation and Appendices 1 and 2 for further details about our staff profile.

Total = 1,116 employees

Our finances

Our total income was $273.2 million and we spent $283.4 million.

Pie chart for Total expenditure: Criminal law services 45.8%, Family law services 28.2%, Civil law services 14.0%, Community partnerships 12.0%