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Annual Report 2016 - 2017

Financial performance

Our financial result was a surplus of $1.4 million which is $2.8 million more than the budgeted deficit of $1.4 million.


Total income for 2016-2017 was $307.8 million and expenditure was $306.4 million.

Funding from the NSW Government was $146.1 million.

Funding from the Commonwealth Government under the National Partnership Agreement was $76.6 million.

Acceptance by the Crown Entity of Employees benefits and other liabilities was $6.8 million.

Funding from other sources includes $36.2 million from the Public Purpose Fund, $32.8 million from Other Grants Received and $9.3 million from Interest revenue and other sources.


Our major expenses were:

  • Employee related expenses of $125.8 million ($116.7 million in 2015–2016); and
  • Payments to private lawyers of $107.9 million ($105.3 million in 2015–2016).

Total expenses for Legal Aid NSW are estimated at $301.8 million in 2017-2018, an increase of 8.4 per cent on the 2016-2017 budget

Budget outline 2017–2018

Operating statement($M)
Revenue (including government contributions) 302.2
Expenditure 301.8
Other Gains/Losses (0.2)
Net result 0.2
Balance sheet($M)
Current assets 67.9
Non current assets 15.0
Total assets 82.9
Current liabilities 27.5
Non Current liabilities 5.9
Total liabilities 33.5
Net assets 49.4
Equity 49.4

Our financial performance over five years