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Annual Report 2016 - 2017

Fact file

Our clients

Aboriginal 12.8%

Born in non-English speaking countries 11.9%

Female 27.4%

Under 18 13.9%

Aged 18–60 83.8%

Over 60 2.3%

On Commonwealth benefits 45.8%

With dependants 12.6%

Rural and regional * 49.1%

* Includes Newcastle and Wollongong

Note: Based on total case grants and in-house duty services

Our client profile has remained relatively stable in the last five years.

  • The majority of services delivered by Legal Aid NSW are provided to people from disadvantaged socio-economic groups. This includes people on low incomes, from rural and regional areas and from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Legal Aid NSW is strongly committed to providing services for Aboriginal people in New South Wales across the range of legal problems, and the percentage of services provided to Aboriginal people has risen steadily over recent years. Over 13 per cent of Legal Aid NSW family law clients identified as Aboriginal, and the dedicated Legal Aid NSW Civil Law Service for Aboriginal People provided 3,555 legal advice and assistance services to clients including those in a number of disadvantaged remote Aboriginal communities

Services to clients

43.2% of our case and duty services were provided by private lawyers. See Appendix 6.

Total = 888,263 services

Our staff

77 Legal Aid NSW in-house lawyers have Law Society of NSW specialist accreditation for expertise in their field.

Total = 1,163 employees

See Section 3 and Appendices 1 and 2 for further details about our staff profile

Our finances

Our total income was $307.8 million and we spent $306.4 million.