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Annual Report 2017 - 2018

Fact file

Our clients

Aboriginal flagAboriginal 14.2%

world mapBorn in non-English speaking countries 12.1%

female iconFemale 28.6%

icon with silhouette of male & female bicycle ridersUnder 18 14.9%

icon showing silhouettes of a group of peopleAged 18–60 82.5%

icon showing silhouette of an older coupleOver 60 2.6%

silhouette of Parliament HouseOn Commonwealth benefits 44.2%

silhouette of a family - mother, father and 2 childrenWith dependants 13.5%

silhouette of the state of NSWRural and regional * 48.1%

*Includes Newcastle and Wollongong

icon of finger pointingNote: Based on total case grants and in-house duty services

Our client profile has remained relatively stable in the last five years.

  • The majority of services delivered by Legal Aid NSW are provided to people from disadvantaged socioeconomic groups. This includes people on low incomes, from rural and regional areas and from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Legal Aid NSW is strongly committed to providing services for Aboriginal people in New South Wales across the range of legal problems, and the percentage of services provided to Aboriginal people has risen steadily over recent years.

In 2017–2018, 13.8 % of all in-house civil law advice services were provided to Aboriginal clients. In-house family law advice sessions to Aboriginal people increased by 10.8% from 2016–2017.

The dedicated Legal Aid NSW Civil Law Service for Aboriginal Communities continued its work providing advice casework and community legal education services to disadvantaged Aboriginal communities identified as having significant unmet legal need.

Services to clients

Total legal representation pie chart: In-house 12,351; Private lawyers 27,034Total duty services pie chart: In-house 120,296; Private lawyers 76,742

Total other services pie chart: Information services 520,479; Legal advice 111,491; Minor assistance 34,277


Our staff

Staff locations pie chart: Regional offices 576; Central Sydney office 627Staff profile pie chart: Lawyers 631; Administrative and corporate staff services 572

Gender distribution pie chart: Women 894; Men 309


Our finances

Total expenditure by program pie chart: Criminal law services 43.53%; Family law services 26.15%; Civil law services 13.48%; Community partnerships 16.84%


See the Financial summary for details about where our funds come from and how we spend them. Details about our community partnership program funding can be found in Appendices 4 and 5.