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Annual Report 2017 - 2018

The year ahead 2018-2019

1 in a silhouette map of NSWHigh quality, targeted services that meet our clients’ needs

  • Design and test a client triage model
  • Develop a new Legal Aid NSW advice framework
  • Progress work on our service model for priority client groups, especially prisoners and Aboriginal people
  • Commence implementation of the Aboriginal Client Service Strategy
  • Review the Contributions Policy and implement changes

2 in a silhouette map of NSWPartnerships that deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients

  • Work with our legal assistance sector partners to develop an agreed framework for collaborative service planning
  • Adopt and embed a streamlined framework for key strategic partnerships

3 in a silhouette map of NSWOur work improves the legal and justice systems

  • Implement an agenda for strategic law reform, policy reform and operational reform to the legal and justice sector and assess its impact
  • Implement a community reputation strategy for Legal Aid NSW to communicate the value of the work we do, and improve engagement scores

4 in a silhouette map of NSWA highly capable workforce that is flexible, developed and equipped

  • Implement a wellbeing program that covers WHS obligations, a flexible workplace framework, a mentally healthy workplace and the engAge program
  • Deliver a Strategic Workforce Framework which will guide and prioritise planning, and commence workforce planning in key areas
  • Design and implement streamlined recruitment practices from a centralised recruitment function

5 in a silhouette map of NSWBusiness processes that are responsive to our business needs

  • Develop and implement KPIs to improve corporate services, and implement quarterly performance reviews
  • Implement a new structure and model for ICT and Human Resources
  • Implement the prioritised recommendations from the Grants Efficiency Review

The Legal Aid NSW Plan 2018-2019 highlights the key priorities for the first year of the Legal Aid NSW Strategic Plan 2018-2023.