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Annual Report 2018 - 2019

Financial performance

Our financial result was a deficit of $25.6 million which is $2.6 million less than the budgeted deficit of $28.2 million.


Total income for 2018–19 was $349.3 million and expenditure was $274.5 million.

Funding from the NSW Government was $177.2 million.

Funding from the Commonwealth under the National Partnership Agreement was $80.5 million.

Acceptance by the Crown entity of employees’ benefits and other liabilities was $11.8 million.

Funding from other sources includes $35.4 million from the Public Purpose Fund, $35.3 million from other grants received and $20.9 million from interest revenue and other sources. Further details may be found in the notes to the financial statements that begin on page 103.


Our major expenses for 2018–19 were:

  • employee-related expenses of $145.6 million ($127.9 million in 2017–18), and
  • payments to private lawyers of $118.7 million ($107.5 million in 2017–18).

Total expenses for Legal Aid NSW are estimated at $356.0 million in 2019–20, a decrease of 4.9% on the 2018–19 actuals.

Budget outline 2019–20 ($M)

Operating statement($M)
Revenue (including government contributions) 354.0
Expenditure 356.0
Other gains or losses (0.2)
Net result (2.2)
Balance sheet($M)
Current assets 43.3
Non-current assets 55.3
Total assets 98.6
Current liabilities 38.5
Non-current liabilities 27.8
Total liabilities 66.3
Net assets 32.3
Equity 32.3

Our financial performance over five years

Total expenses

Surplus or deficit