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Annual Report 2018 - 2019

Managing our organisation

We are best placed to meet the needs of our clients when our workforce is highly capable and adequately resourced.

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Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Program Manager Michelle Jones and Project Officer Sidnei Pettitt, Planning and Review Manager Chelly Milliken, barrister Kate Eastman SC, Legal Aid NSW CEO Brendan Thomas and Planning and Review Senior Project Officer Amelia Jenner celebrate International Women’s Day

Key achievements iconKey achievements

  • Staff rated our performance highly in a major survey of government employees.
  • We laid the foundations for more efficient, consistent work practices.
  • We implemented a new system that automated human resources processes and improved our management reporting and operational efficiency.
  • We drew on insights from our service data to help us monitor and plan our work.
  • We ran three pilots to help us increase workforce flexibility.

Year ahead iconThe year ahead

  • We will streamline and modernise our administrative functions.
  • We will complete the rollout of our Client and Case Management System.
  • We will implement our strategy to attract more Aboriginal staff and support their career development.

Key challenge iconKey challenge

  • We will support our staff through organisational change.