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Annual Report 2018 - 2019

Environmental responsibility

Legal Aid NSW is committed to becoming more environmentally sustainable.

OBJECTIVE: Responsive business processes

Greening our conferences and events

In 2019 the Legal Aid NSW Green Committee launched the Green Event Checklist.

This resource is designed to help staff plan conferences and other events that align with our aim to become a more environmentally sustainable organisation. It encourages event planners to consider issues including:

  • whether a venue allows the collection of surplus food by charity organisations
  • how to reduce paper at events
  • whether recycling facilities will be available to event attendees
  • whether a venue offers non-disposable cups, plates and cutlery, and
  • whether paper-based promotional materials can be printed on recycled paper.

Reducing our contribution to landfill

We implemented a new waste and recycling system across Legal Aid NSW, installing colour-coded bins and signage in all offices to improve staff understanding of recycling practices, and introducing a system to enable soft plastics recycling. Our Green Committee also worked with office managers to ensure all offices had access to printer and toner cartridge recycling systems.

Green committee

Green Committee members Rhonda Pietrini, Jessica Sullivan and Legal Aid NSW Deputy CEO Monique Hitter encourage staff to use the Green Event Checklist at the 2018 Criminal Law Conference

Reducing our environmental footprint summary 2018–19

Reduce electricity consumption Install energy-efficient lighting in our premises We installed energy-efficient lighting, as well as sensorand timer-activated lighting systems, at our Central Sydney, Parramatta and Penrith offices. All future site fit-outs must use energy efficient lighting.
Increase green paper purchasing Minimum 85% of copy paper to contain recycled content 14% of the paper we purchased in 2018–19 was recycled, compared with 11% in 2017–18.
Reduce overall paper purchasing We aim to reduce our paper purchasing by 10% each year Our paper purchasing increased between 2017–18 and 2018–19.
Increase use of green electricity Green electricity to represent 6% of electricity consumed We entered into a new energy contract that includes a mandated 6% green electricity minimum.
Increase use of E10 fuel Only cars that run on E10 and regular unleaded fuel may be purchased as fleet vehicles Only E10 fuel is used in Legal Aid NSW fleet vehicles. All our fuel cards are restricted to payment of E10 fuel only. Payment for any other fuel type is not accepted and can only be paid for by the driver of the vehicle.
Maintain a green fleet Meet NSW Government fuel efficiency standards for new light vehicles Legal Aid NSW only leases vehicles that are included in the NSW Government Prequalification Scheme to ensure that only vehicles that meet the fuel efficiency standards are leased. This year, two hybrid vehicles were added to our fleet.

Year ahead iconThe year ahead

  • We aim to reduce our overall paper purchasing.
  • We will help build a culture of environmental awareness across our organisation by celebrating sustainable initiatives such as Plastic-Free July.