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Annual Report 2018 - 2019

The year ahead

Selected actions from the Legal Aid NSW Strategic Plan 2019–2020.

1 High-quality, targeted services that meet our clients’ needs

  • Integrate LawAccess NSW and Legal Aid NSW and make it easier for people in NSW to get the legal assistance they need
  • Implement our Grants Tracker for all clients applying for a grant of aid
  • Implement online guided pathways for people with legal problems relating to traffic matters and fines
  • Implement a consistent triage process and legal advice framework
  • Trial a generalist lawyer model
  • Implement a new framework for engaging with private lawyers

2 Partnerships that deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients

  • Pilot a new approach to collaborate service-planning
  • Trial a new online referral booking system to improve the experience of clients we refer to other service providers
  • Further develop our collaboration with other agencies

3 Our work improves the legal and justice systems

  • Implement our strategic law reform agenda
  • Work with the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department to implement improvements to the family law system
  • Monitor the implementation of major criminal justice reforms in NSW and how they affect our clients
  • Develop greater community awareness of the value of the work we do

4 A highly capable workforce that is flexible, developed and equipped

  • Implement flexible working practices across the organisation
  • Pilot more efficient and effective arrangements for managing regional offices

5 Business processes that are responsive to our business needs

  • Complete the initial implementation of the Client and Case Management System (CCMS)
  • Rollout digital tools that enable greater collaboration

The Legal Aid NSW Strategic Plan 2019–2020 (Year Two Plan) outlines the work we will do in the coming year to progress our initiatives and aims under the Legal Aid NSW Strategic Plan 2018–2023. See Our outcomes.