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Annual Report 2019 - 2020

Collaborating with our partners

Partnerships and collaboration are essential to achieving our goal of delivering client-centred services and ensuring the most efficient use of resources.

Collaborating with our partners

Stephen Manton and Kat Price from NSW Health, Marlena Pitrone from Shoalcoast Community Legal Centre, Jenny Robbins and Diana Patterson from Red Cross, Debi Hutchinson from Bega Valley Shire Council, Sue Wilson from Service NSW and Beck Minear from Bega Valley Shire Council working together in Wonboyn.

Key achievements iconKey achievements

  • We revised our panels and grants processes to make it easier for private lawyers to do legal aid work.
  • We secured additional funding to increase fees paid to private lawyers who do legal aid work.
  • We worked with our partners to pilot a more formal approach to collaborative service planning.
  • We increased the coverage of Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Services to all Local Courts across the state.
  • We managed the transition to a new funding model for community legal services in NSW.

Year ahead iconThe year ahead

  • We will implement greater automation in the grants process to further reduce the time taken to determine the outcome of a grant.
  • We will deliver a clear and consistent approach to managing and supporting the quality of services provided by private lawyers.
  • We will develop a suite of 15 online training modules for private lawyers who do legal aid work.

Key challenge iconKey challenge

  • We will ensure the seamless delivery of services to our clients while continuing to reform our processes for private lawyers who complete legal aid work.