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Annual Report 2019 - 2020

Environmental responsibility

Legal Aid NSW is committed to becoming more environmentally sustainable.

Reducing our environmental footprint

GoalTarget Achievements in 2019–20
Reduce electricity consumption Install energy-efficient lighting in our premises Zoned sensor lighting systems were installed across all Legal Aid NSW offices to ensure that lights automatically switch off when not required. At our Nowra office, we negotiated for lighting to be upgraded to LED fluorescent which is 60% more efficient and will reduce electricity consumption.
Increase green paper purchasing Minimum 85% of copy paper to contain recycled content Of the paper we purchased, 38% was recycled, compared with 14% in 2018–19.
Reduce overall paper purchasing We aim to reduce our paper purchasing by 10% each year Our paper purchasing remained steady between 2018–19 and 2019–20.
Increase use of green electricity Green electricity to represent 6% of electricity consumed We continued to work closely with the NSW Government’s preferred electricity provider to ensure that all office tenancies were covered under the 6% green energy consumption agreement. All new leased spaces were transferred over to the green power agreements as stipulated by NSW Government guidelines.
E10 fuel Only cars that run on E10 and regular unleaded fuel may be purchased as fleet vehicles Only E10 fuel was used in our fleet vehicles. All fuel cards were restricted to payment of E10 fuel only. Payment for any other fuel type was not accepted and can only be paid for by the driver of the vehicle.
Green fleet Meet NSW Government fuel efficiency standards for new light vehicles We only leased vehicles that are included in the NSW Government pre-qualification scheme. This ensured that only vehicles that meet the fuel efficiency standards were leased.

Year ahead iconThe year ahead

  • We will deliver an accommodation solution that will reduce our footprint in Central Sydney.
  • We will continue to implement principles of reuse and recycle in our office fitouts.
  • We will continue to aim for reduced paper purchasing and of that purchasing, a larger proportion of our paper to contain recycled content.