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Annual Report 2020 - 2021

An efficient and capable Legal Aid NSW

Adopting people-centred design principles in our office expansions

We utilised people-centred design principles to fit out expanded tenancies at Gosford and Liverpool and to retrofit the Orange office to accommodate increases in staffing and service delivery. The fitouts provided better spaces for staff and allowed lawyers to have greater acoustic separation and privacy when dealing with clients via video and telephone calls.

Reducing our tenancy in Sydney

We undertook an extensive restacking exercise at our Central Sydney office to rationalise our office area and bring different units within corporate services into a cohesive space. We reduced our tenancy by 542sqm and this will be further reduced in 2021–2022. The restacking will deliver an annual saving of $460,000 in gross rent plus additional savings will be realised through reduced outgoings and overheads.

The lessor provided funding to Legal Aid NSW for the cost of removalists and minor works to upgrade the premises. We reused and recycled significant elements of office fitouts available from other NSW Government agencies.

Energy-efficient lighting across regional and metropolitan offices

We worked directly with the owners of our eligible leased metropolitan and regional properties to install energy-efficient LED lighting under the NSW Government Energy Saving Scheme. LED lights are now installed across 23 of our offices. This has reduced electricity consumption and costs, reduced the maintenance required and, importantly, reduced our impact on the environment.

New space at Broken Hill

In response to increased demand at our Broken Hill office, we negotiated with Lifeline to provide a new suite of offices to accommodate our staff and clients. The building was completed in January 2021. Further work will be undertaken in 2021–2022 to provide a reception area for clients.

Security upgrade for all offices

Following a tender process, we engaged BSMS Security to upgrade the end-of-life access door controllers across all tenancies. This is the first stage of a two-year project to implement security solutions that will address issues identified in a security review undertaken in 2019–2020.

We have introduced a new integrated system which operates across all offices and can be programmed remotely. This will enable staff to obtain access across multiple offices if needed, and also allow us to more easily control access passes and better protect our staff, clients, and information.

Updated spaces in the Gosford office.

Updated spaces in the Gosford office.

Year ahead iconThe year ahead

  • We will continue to implement people-centred design principles in our office fitouts.
  • We will continue to upgrade our security solutions.
  • We will consolidate service delivery, population and planning data to develop a strategy for resourcing and office accommodation across Western Sydney.
  • We will work with the Department of Communities and Justice on the procurement and policy framework for the introduction of a telematics system on all fleet vehicles.