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Annual Report 2020 - 2021

Supporting our staff to provide outstanding customer service

We continued to invest in our people to ensure they are well supported to deliver the best results for clients.

Staff numbers over five years

Year Full-time equivalent* staff as at the end of financial year Actual staff as at the end of financial year
2016–17 1,058.79 1,163
2017–18 1,098.94 1,203
2018–19 1,178.48 1,326

* Under the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (NSW)

Administrative workforce transformation

Legal Aid NSW is continuing to develop an administrative workforce that has flexibility, capability and capacity to meet our client service and legal support needs.

Highlights of improvements made this year were:

  • streamlining mail and courier services to improve efficiency and security
  • implementation of the online Client Appointment Booking System to more effectively book appointments
  • implementation of a bot to automate the updating of client locations in corrective services facilities, and
  • implementation of applications such as PDF editing and speech to text software, which has reduced the manual tasks required of the administrative workforce.

A new business intelligence solution

This year we implemented a new business intelligence solution. The solution enables us to build reports with significant improvements in ease of access, content, functionality and visualisation.

We focused on enabling the practice and business areas to self-serve and create their own business reports, ensuring that the right people are able to access updated service information at any time to provide data insights and to support organisational planning.

Recognition of staff dedication and effort

In May 2021, office managers and legal support officers were recognised at an internal management conference as being the backbone of Legal Aid NSW. Without their dedication and effort, our legal teams would be unable to function properly and provide essential services to our clients.

Year ahead iconThe year ahead

  • We will continue to support our staff to provide outstanding customer service.