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Annual Report 2021 - 2022

Environmental responsibility

Legal Aid NSW is committed to becoming more environmentally sustainable.

Reducing our environmental footprint

GoalTargetAchievements in 2021–2022
Reduce electricity consumption Install smart meters for greater analytical ability of usage.Smart meters were installed at Lismore and Albury offices.
Increase use of green electricityGreen electricity to represent 6% of electricity consumed.We worked with the NSW Government’s preferred electricity provider to ensure that all office tenancies are covered under the 6% green energy consumption agreement. In our large sites, such as most of the Central Sydney Office, we achieved 20% green energy consumption.
Reduce fuel consumptionIncrease numbers of hybrid vehicles.All new vehicles orders were for hybrids, with the exception of outreach vehicles due to operational needs.
Reduce fleet sizeNot replacing vehicles with low kilometres or low usage.Upon agreement with office managers four vehicles (5% of the fleet) were not replaced with potential further vehicles when their leases expired.
Reuse office furnitureRecondition visitor chairs rather than purchase new.Over 120 visitor chairs were sent to Hunter Correctional Facility for cleaning and reupholstering by Corrective Services industries, to be used in accommodation projects.
Green fleet Meet NSW Government fuel efficiency standards for new light vehicles.

We continued an initiative to ‘hybridise’ our fleet of 79 vehicles, receiving five Toyota Corolla Hybrids this financial year. We only leased vehicles that are included in the NSW Government pre-qualification scheme to ensure all vehicles meet fuel efficiency standards.

Hybrid vehicles produce 10% fewer smog-inducing emissions than non-hybrid models, decreasing our organisation’s carbon footprint.

Year ahead iconThe year ahead

  • We will add at least nine additional hybrid cars to our fleet of vehicles to reduce our impact on the environment