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Centrelink problems - How Legal Aid NSW can help you

You may want legal help if:

  • you have to pay back money to Centrelink
  • you can’t get a payment
  • you are getting the wrong amount
  • your payments have been stopped
  • you want to appeal a Centrelink decision, or
  • you are being investigated by Centrelink.

What we can do

We can give you legal advice and information about your Centrelink problem. We may also be able to:

  • ask Centrelink for a copy of your file so you know what information they used to make the decision
  • help you get Centrelink to look at the decision again
  • help you appeal against a Centrelink decision to an independent tribunal
  • represent you at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Before you talk to us, make sure you have any letters Centrelink has sent you about the decision.

Legal Aid NSW is separate from Centrelink. Anything you tell us is confidential, unless the law says otherwise.

Where can I get help?

Call LawAccess NSW on 1300 888 529 for information and advice about any Centrelink problem.

June 2021