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Are you on parole or an intensive correction order?

A new trial service at Legal Aid NSW can help you.

Legal Aid NSW are part of a new trial service. We want to help people who are on parole or intensive correction orders (ICOs) stay in the community and avoid having their orders revoked by the State Parole Authority.

When can we help you?

Prisoners Legal Service is a specialist unit at Legal Aid NSW that helps adults in prison and adults on parole or ICOs.

If you are on parole or an ICO this service is for you.

We can:

* Help you understand your order and how to stick to it

* Help you re-connect with your supervisor if things go wrong

* Talk to you about what will happen if your order is cancelled by the State Parole. This is called revoking an order.

* Help you try and change the conditions of your order if that is right for you

How to contact us

You can contact Prisoners Legal Service yourself to ask for help. Your supervising officer can also make a referral to us if they think you are at risk of a breach report being sent to the State Parole

Authority. If we get a referral, we will contact you.

Call Prisoners Legal Service on (02) 9066 6046 or email ICO.Parole.Pilot@legalaid.nsw.gov.au

Help with other legal problems

We can also make sure you get help with any other legal problems you have. There are lots of lawyers at Legal Aid NSW that can help. Other legal problems might be fines, people chasing you for money, issues with Housing, or if you need advice about how to get permission to see your children.

Help from us is confidential

We can only talk about your situation with you. We need permission from you to talk to your supervisor at Community Corrections or anyone else. If you do give us permission, we will talk to your supervising officer about the work we are doing to try and help you stay in the community.

June 2022