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What is Fined Out all about?

Fined Out

About this booklet

Fined Out is a practical guide to the NSW fines system. It provides information about how to deal with fines and contact information for services that can help people with their fines. There are nine parts to Fined Out:

Part 1 - Introduction to types of fines

Part 2 - Penalty Notices

Part 3 - Court fines

Part 4 – Enforcement action by Revenue NSW

Part 5 – Responding to Revenue NSW enforcement action

Part 6 – Extra help – Young people and First Nations people

Part 7 – Demerit points and your driver’s licence

Part 8 – Privacy and Access to information

Part 9 – Useful contacts and sample letters


5th edition, March 2021 produced by Legal Aid NSW

© Inner City Legal Centre, Redfern Legal Centre and the State of NSW through the Legal Aid Commission of NSW, 2021. You may copy, print, distribute, download and otherwise freely deal with this work for a non-profit purpose provided that you attribute Inner City Legal Centre, Redfern Legal Centre and Legal Aid NSW as the owners.

To reproduce or modify the work for any other purpose, you need to ask for and be given permission by Legal Aid NSW or Inner City Legal Centre.


This guide applies only to residents and the law of NSW. The information in this resource is general and is not intended to be specific legal advice on any matter. If you have a specific legal problem, you should consult a lawyer. To the extent permissible by law, Inner City Legal Centre, Redfern Legal Centre and Legal Aid NSW disclaim all liability for anything contained in this resource and any use you make of it.

First published in 2006 by Legal Aid NSW.

ISBN 978-0-9806128-9-9

Online self-help legal tools

There are two online self-help legal tools called guided pathways. These tools are available for people with NSW fines and traffic offence fines or court attendance notices (CANs).


FineFixer NSW takes people through a series of simple questions and gives you useful options relevant to your particular issue. There is information about challenging fines, applying to pay in instalments, organising a work and development order, getting legal help or other options depending on your circumstances. A wide variety of fine types are covered including public transport, tolls, parking, council, court, failure to vote, failure to attend jury duty and ambulance fees.

Traffic offences

The traffic offences pathway takes you through a series of simple questions and gives options to help you decide what to do next with common traffic offence problems such as driver licence suspensions, fines and needing to attend court.

You can also find these and other self-help legal tools on the LawAccess NSW legal help website.