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Legal Topics for Seniors

Information for older people in NSW

Legal Aid NSW has produced this booklet in response to the popularity of our limited edition 2023 Legal Topics for Seniors Diary. This booklet contains information from the diary, and is available as a downloadable pdf, an online plain text accessible webpage or printed booklet.

Cover artwork: ‘Elders’
by Garry Purchase

There are many meeting places. Each one representing different communities. They have the darkest colour on the outside and getting lighter as it goes towards the middle. This represents the lightening of our hair as we get older. The lightest colour sits in the middle as it’s our elders that community respects and learns from. There are two sets of animal tracks, kangaroo and emu. These represent both the Australian coat of arms and moving forward as these two animals can’t walk backwards. The blues represent water, the top being the rivers and the bottom representing the coast. The whales represent journey and perseverance. Their journey is long and with many challenges, but it’s the elders in the pod and their experience that keeps their pods/communities together.

This publication is a general guide to the law. You should not rely on it as legal advice and we recommend that you talk to a lawyer about your situation. At the time of printing, the information is correct, but it may change.

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