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Let's talk photo activity

Let’s talk photo activity:  You can download and print the photos for this activity.  Just right click either the thumbnail or the larger picture and choose "save picture as".

Hard copy flashcards are no longer available.

See the speakers notes for directions about how to run this activity. Its called Flash card activity: choose the law on Page 12 of the speakers notes.

 couple fighting  money and calculator  centrelink  centrelink
 broken wash machine  broken window

 car crash

 car break in
 hands on bars  hole in roof  drawing family  factory worker
 couple pulling toy house  eftpos machine  electric socket  family photo
 sad mum and child  fingerprint sheet  handcuffs on a person  little girl upset
 passport and visa  police looking at document  police highway patrol  hands on wire
 wheelchair  wedding bands  woman in shop  police tape
 flooded house  wedding cake