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My ex-partner isn't following the court orders about our children What can I do?

A resource kit for parents

Cover image About this kit

This kit has been prepared by Legal Aid NSW. Legal Aid NSW is an independent, government-funded agency which provides legal representation to people who cannot afford a lawyer and who qualify for legal aid.

Legal Aid NSW also provides free advice to the public, a duty solicitor at the Family Courts, and a lawyer-assisted family dispute resolution service. Details of Legal Aid NSW services are provided in the How can Legal Aid NSW help? section.

This kit provides some basic advice and assistance to people who already have court orders about parenting, including consent orders. It provides information about:

  • enforcing a term of the parenting orders;
  • options about what to do where parenting orders have been breached; and
  • what to expect if it is alleged that you have breached the parenting orders.

If you do not have any court orders about your children or you have a parenting plan which is not working, you should seek legal advice. You can contact your nearest Legal Aid NSW office or contact LawAccess NSW on 1300 888 529. There is also a Useful contacts section in this kit.

This kit is intended as a guide to the law and is not a substitute for legal advice. It is recommended that you obtain legal advice in conjunction with the information in this kit. Every situation is different when parenting orders no longer work and there may be a range of options available to you to fix your particular problem. Legal advice can assist you to decide which option is more appropriate for your circumstances.

While every effort has been made to ensure the information in this kit is as up-to-date and accurate as possible, the law is complex and constantly changing and you are advised to seek expert advice when faced with specific problems. If you are likely to be involved in court proceedings or legal action you should obtain advice from a lawyer. Legal Aid NSW disclaims all liability for errors or omissions of any kind, or for any loss or damage, in whole or in part, arising from any person relying on any information in this kit.

A print copy of this brochure may be Ordered online or call 02 9219 5028.