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My ex-partner isn't following the court orders about our children What can I do?

How can Legal Aid NSW help?

Legal Aid NSW is a government funded agency which provides legal representation to those who cannot afford a private lawyer. Legal Aid NSW also provides free advice to the public and a duty solicitor service at Family Courts.

Legal Aid NSW can provide a lawyer who works at Legal Aid. Alternatively, legal aid can be granted to cover the costs of a private lawyer. Legal Aid NSW has panels of private lawyers throughout NSW who do legal aid work. There is usually a small contribution required with all grants of legal aid.

To be eligible for legal aid, you must meet a means test (income and assets) and a merit test. You will also need to satisfy Legal Aid NSW that your matter is “substantial”, and that you have exhausted all other ways of solving the dispute. If you are unsure, it is best to discuss your circumstances with a solicitor at Legal Aid NSW or call LawAccess NSW on 1300 888 529. You can check the policies and guidelines for grants of aid on the Legal Aid NSW website in the Policy Online section.

Legal Aid NSW provides a duty solicitor at Parramatta, Sydney and Newcastle Family Courts. You can use this service no matter what kind of case you have and whether or not you meet the means or merit tests.

Call your nearest Legal Aid NSW office to find out about duty solicitor services. Free legal advice is available at Legal Aid offices across NSW. Details of Legal Aid NSW offices are available here.

If you need urgent telephone advice LawAccess NSW provides information, referrals or advice on 1300 888 529.