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My rights at work: Australian law and you

My rights at work

My rights at work is a community legal education (CLE) package about many legal employment issues that recent arrivals to Australia may encounter.

Who can use it?

The package is for people who work with people from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds. It can be used by lawyers and others doing community legal education, or teachers and community workers.

Who is the audience?

The package is for people who are recent arrivals to Australia and people from culturally diverse communities who are interested in learning about their rights at work. It can be used with people who attend Adult Migrant English Programs, job seeker programs or other groups run by settlement services.

How to use the resources

The resources in the package are designed to be easily understood by people who are not familiar with Australian workplace laws. It can be used with groups who have different levels of English understanding - and with groups who need an interpreter and those who do not. You can adapt the resource to suit your audience.

For more information about how to use the package, you can read the following:

Ready to go workshops

There are 3 workshops packages we have made up for you to pick up go. Click on the Ready to go workshops link and decide what suits you.

Make up your own CLE session

Mix and match the resources below to make up your own CLE session.

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Where to get more information

For more information please contact the Community Legal Education Branch at Legal Aid NSW at cle@legalaid.nsw.gov.au

You can contact us about adapting to online presentations.

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Let's talk: Australian law and you. This workshop covers key features about the Australian law and the legal system; It is for people who are recent arrivals to Australia and people from culturally diverse communities who are interested in learning about the legal system in Australia.

The community legal education branch can help arrange a range of workshops topics for CALD groups and students in English programs. For more information, please contact cle@legalaid.nsw.gov.au

To book a My Rights at Work workshop or any other workshop please submit this on-line form.

Legal Aid NSW has used resources produced by Westjustice Community Legal Centre Victoria as part of their Migrant and Refugee Employment Law Project. Legal Aid NSW has also used video resources produced by the Fair Work Ombudsman.

The package is designed to provide a general guide to some areas of employment law. It is not a comprehensive examination of the law. It is correct in 2022, but the law can change quickly. If you have a personal legal problem, you should talk to a lawyer.

© The Legal Aid Commission of NSW 2018. You may copy, print, distribute, download, and otherwise freely deal with this work for a non-profit purpose provided that you attribute Legal Aid NSW as the owners. To reproduce or modify the work for any other purpose you need to ask for and be given permission by Legal Aid NSW.               Updated August 2022