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Subpoena survival guide

Acknowledgements and disclaimer


Subpoena Survival Guide is based on the Women’s Legal Service NSW 3rd edition (2004) publication Counsellors and Subpoenas, a practical guide for counsellors served with subpoenas. It was substantially revised by Alicia Jillard of Women’s Legal Service NSW, with additional contributions by Janet Loughman of Women’s Legal Service NSW and Rosemarie Lambert, Meredith Osborne and Catriona Cotton from the Sexual Assault Communications Privilege Service at Legal Aid NSW.

Legal Aid NSW and Women’s Legal Service NSW thanks the many people who contributed their comments and feedback on the publication.

Without the excellent work of the lawyers, academics and activists in getting the law to acknowledge and protect the rights of victims to confidentiality, writing a guide such as this would not be possible. In particular, we recognise the efforts of the NSW Working Party Concerning the Confidentiality of Counsellors Notes that secured the creation of the privilege in 1997; and the efforts of Women’s Legal Service NSW’s partner organisations and all the pro bono lawyers in the 2010 Sexual Assault Communications Privilege Pilot Project1 that helped realise much-needed amendments to the law and to service delivery for victims of sexual assault in the criminal justice system.

Finally, we acknowledge the resilience and courage of sexual assault survivors and their role in reporting crimes and bringing cases to court.

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The information in this publication is general and is not intended to be specific legal advice on any matter. If you have a specific legal problem you should consult a lawyer. To the extent permissible by law, Women’s Legal Service NSW and Legal Aid NSW disclaim all liability for anything contained in this resource and any use any person, organisation or entity makes of it.

1 Ashurst (then Blake Dawson), Clayton Utz, Freehills, Louise Goodchild, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the NSW Bar Association.