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Subpoena survival guide

Useful contacts

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Sexual Assault Communications Privilege Service (SACPS), Legal Aid NSW

A victims’ legal service that helps protect the privacy of counselling notes and other confidential therapeutic records in criminal proceedings involving sexual offences. It supports sexual assault victims to claim the privilege when their confidential records are subpoenaed, usually by referring them to private lawyers. It also engages in legal education and policy reform to help prevent disclosure of confidential records.

w m ch
E: sacps@legalaid.nsw.gov.au
W: www.legalaid.nsw.gov.au/what-we-do/civil-law/sexual-assault-communications-privilege-service

NSW Health Legal and Legislative Services

NSW Health has a Subpoena Policy which applies to organisations in the public health system including Government Medical Officers, NSW Ambulance Service. NSW Health Legal and Legislative Services can be contacted by public health services for assistance with subpoenas. NB: The NSW Health Subpoena Policy was last updated in 2010, prior to the changes to the SACP.

w m ch
T: (02) 9391 9606
E: legalmail@doh.health.nsw.gov.au
W: www.health.nsw.gov.au

Women’s Legal Service NSW

A specialist community legal centre providing women with a range of free community legal services, including legal casework, advice and information, education, training and resources across metropolitan and regional areas of New South Wales. Areas of specialisation include domestic violence, sexual assault, family law and discrimination. WLS is also very active in law reform on a wide range of issues.

T: (02) 8745 6900 (Admin)

Advice lines

Indigenous Women’s Legal Contact Line:

T: (02) 8745 6977 / 1800 639 784
(Mon: 10am–12.30; Tues: 10am–12.30pm; Thurs: 10am–12.30pm)

Domestic Violence Legal Advice Line:

T: (02) 8745 6999 / 1800 810 784
(Mon: 1.30pm–4.30pm; Tues 9.30am–12.30pm; Thurs: 1.30pm–4.30pm; Fri: 9.30am–12.30pm)

Women’s Legal Advice Line:

T: (02) 8745 6988 / 1800 801 501
(Mon: 9.30am–12.30pm; Tues: 1.30pm–4.30pm; Thurs: 9.30am–12.30pm)
F: (02) 9749 4433
E: reception@wlsnsw.org.au (WLS does not provide an email advice service)
W: www.wlsnsw.org.au
P: PO Box 206, Lidcombe, NSW 1825

Law Access NSW

LawAccess NSW is a free government telephone service providing legal information, referrals and in some cases, advice. LawAccess Online is a useful guide for legal information about a broad range of topics.

w m ch
T: 1300 888 529
W: www.lawaccess.nsw.gov.au

New South Wales Bar Association

A voluntary association of practicing barristers in NSW. The Legal Assistance Referral Scheme (LARS) is a section of the Bar Association that manages requests for pro bono assistance by trying to match requests for assistance with a suitable barrister or mediator.

w m ch
T: (02) 9232 4055 (general)
F: (02) 9221 1149
E: legalassist@nswbar.asn.au (LARS)
W: www.nswbar.asn.au

Law Society of NSW

The representative body for solicitors in NSW. It has a private solicitor referral service and pro bono service and the website offers community information about solicitors and professional standards.

w m ch
T: (02) 9926 0300 (private solicitor referral service)
(02) 9926 0364 (pro bono service)
F: (02) 9926 0355 (pro bono service)
E: erefferal@lawsociety.com.au (for private solicitor referral service)
W: www.lawsociety.com.au

Community Legal Centres NSW

Is the peak body for community legal centres in NSW representing 40 member organisations and plays an important law reform role and represents CLCs in a variety of forums. It does not provide legal advice however its website has a useful directory for CLCs in NSW and you can contact the office for help with appropriate referrals to CLCs.

w m ch
T: (02) 9212 7333
F: (02) 9212 7332
E: clcnsw@clc.net.au
W: www.clcnsw.org.au
www.clcnsw.org.au/clc_directory.php (directory of CLCs in NSW)

Victims Services

Part of the NSW Department of Justice. Victims Services provides support and information for victims of crime, including counselling and financial assistance.

w m ch

Victims Access Line:

T: 1800 633 063 or 8688 5511

Aboriginal Contact Line:

T: 1800 019 123
W: www.victimsservices.justice.nsw.gov.au

NSW Courts and Tribunals

NSW Local Courts

T: Variety of phone numbers for each court. To find the number for your local court call Law Access NSW or go to the website below
W:  www.localcourt.justice.nsw.gov.au/Pages/contact_us/court_locations/court_locations.aspx

NSW District Courts

T: Sydney Registry contacts
1300 679 272 (civil and criminal enquiries)
(02) 9377 5268(criminal and civil TTY)
(02) 9287 7369(criminal subpoenas exhibits)
(02) 9377 5857(civil subpoenas/ exhibits)

Regional and outer Centre:

F: Sydney Registry contacts
(02) 9287 7543 (criminal)
(02) 9377 5831 (civil)
W: www.districtcourt.justice.nsw.gov.au

NSW Supreme Court

T: 1300 679 272 (general inquiries and subpoenas)
F: (02) 9230 8628
E: supremecourt.enquiries@courts.nsw.gov.au
W: www.supremecourt.justice.nsw.gov.au


This lists the relevant community legal centre for women, law society and the government department responsible for lawmaking and justice.

Australian Capital Territory

Women’s Legal Centre

T: (02) 6257 4499 or 1800 634 669
W: www.womenslegalact.org

Law Society

T: (02) 6274 0300
W: www.actlawsociety.asn.au

ACT Justice and Community Safety Directorate

W: www.justice.act.gov.au

Northern Territory

Women’s Legal Services
Top End Women’s Legal Service

T: (08) 8982 3000 or 1800 234 441
W: www.tewls.org.au (TEWLS)

Central Australian Women’s Legal Service

T: (08) 8952 4055 or 1800 684 055
W: www.cawls.org.au

Law Society

T: (08) 8981 5104
W: www.lawsocietynt.asn.au

Northern Territory Department of Justice

W: www.justice.nt.gov.au


Women’s Legal Service

T: (07) 3392 0644 (admin)
1800 957 957 (helpline)
1800 457 117 (rural, regional and remote legal advice line)
W: www.wlsq.org.au

Law Society

T: 1300 367 757
W: www.qls.com.au/Home

Department of Justice and Attorney General

T: (07) 3247 5483
W: www.justice.qld.gov.au

South Australia

Women’s Legal Service

T: (08) 8221 5553 or 1800 816 349
W: www.wlssa.org.au

Law Society

T: (08) 8229 0200
W: www.lawsocietysa.asn.au

Attorney-General’s Department

T: (08) 8207 1555
W: www.agd.sa.gov.au


Women’s Legal Service

T: 1800 682 468
W: www.womenslegaltas.org.au/index.php

Law Society

T: (03) 6234 4133
W: www.lst.org.au

Department of Justice

T: 1300 135 513
W: www.justice.tas.gov.au


Women’s Legal Service

T: (03) 8622 0600 or 1800 133 302
W: www.womenslegal.org.au

Law Institute

T: (03) 9607 9311
W: www.liv.asn.au

Department of Justice

T: (03) 8684 0000
W: www.justice.vic.gov.au

Western Australia

Women’s Legal Service

T: (08) 9272 8800 or 1800 625 122
W: www.wlcwa.org.au

Law Society

T: (08) 9324 8600
W: www.lawsocietywa.asn.au

Department of the Attorney General

T: (08) 9264 1600
W: www.dotag.wa.gov.au

Some Professional Associations

Australian Psychological Society

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) is the largest professional association for psychologists in Australia, representing over 20,000 members.

T: (03) 8662 3300
1800 333 497 (toll free)
F: contactus@psychology.org.au
W: www.psychology.org.au

Australian Association of Social Workers

The Australian Association of Social Workers is the professional representative body of Social Workers in Australia, with more than 7,000 members nation-wide.

T: (02) 6232 3900 (NSW branch)(03) 9320 1044 (Members only ethics consultation services)
E: aaswnsw@aasw.asn.au (NSW branch)
W: www.aasw.asn.au

Australian Medical Association

The peak membership organisation for registered medical practitioners and medical students of Australia.

T: 9439 8822 (NSW Association)
E: enquiries@nswama.com.au
W: www.amansw.com.au

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

Professional association supporting GPs, general practice registrars and medical students through education, training and research and by assessing doctors’ skills and knowledge and developing professional standards.

T: 9886 4700 (NSW & ACT branch)
E: nswact.faculty@racgp.org.au
W: www.racgp.org.au