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Happy Birthday



  • Narrator
  • Super Cuz
  • Jessie
  • Mum
  • Girl 1
  • Girl 2
  • Girl 3

NARRATOR It was a great day in Koori town. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and it was Jessie’s birthday. Jessie Miller was 16.

GIRLS (Singing) Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Jessica, happy birthday to you.

GIRL 1 Hip, Hip, Hooray!

GIRL 2 Hooray, Hooray, it’s Jessie’s birthday!

Laughter from group

MUM C’mon you mob, it’s time for Jess to open her presents.

GIRL 1 Yeah, let’s see what you got.

JESSIE Ya better not have got me anything stupid.

GIRL 2 Would we do that!

JESSIE I’ll open this one first Sound of unwrapping paper.

GIRL 3 Talk about anxious.

MUM You gotta read the card first Jess.

JESSIE Alright, alright. (Opens card, reading). Tidda girl Jess, Hope you have a great day and have the best birthday ever, love Missy. Ohh, thanks Missy (sounds of kissing). Now, the presents!

Sound of paper being ripped quickly.

GIRL 1 Go Jess! How cute!

GIRL 3 Ooh, aah, Jessie’s got a bra.

GIRL 2 A girl’s gotta have a good bra, you never know when it might be seen!

MUM Not before you’re 18.

Sound of paper being ripped.

JESSIE (Scream)Thanks Mum, just what I always wanted!

GIRL 1 Give us a look.

GIRL 2 That phone is deadly…

GIRL 3 Ooh… I like the colour.

GIRL 2 Does it take photos? What about MP3?

MUM I asked the guy if everything came with it. I don’t know what you get, you girls would know.

JESSIE It’s got MP3!

GIRLS Scream in excitement

JESSIE It’s got a camera with a video!

GIRLS Scream in excitement

MUM Settle down girls, it’s just a phone.

GIRLS / JESSIE  Just a phone, it’s our lifeline!

MUM (Bewildered) Now I’ve heard everything…lifeline.

GIRL 1 Hey Jess, snap a shot of me doing my Beyonce impersonation.

GIRL 2 Nah, take a photo of me, pumping my lips like Rhianna.

JESSIE Hold your moom, I can only snap one at a time. (Clicking sound of camera)

JESSIE That’s not working. Maybe...maybe you do this one differently.

GIRL 1 Hurry up my lips are getting numb!

MUM Is everything alright Jess?

JESSIE The camera doesn’t seem to be working properly, the images look a bit fuzzy.

GIRL 3 Nah, that’s Nikaris hair. (Laughter)

JESSIE No, no seriously, something doesn’t look right.

GIRL 2 What’ll we do?

JESSIE You better take it back.

MUM I’ll ring the shop.

JESSIE I can’t believe it. My first good phone and it’s a dud.

NARRATOR  Jessie’s mum called the store where she bought the phone straight away.

MUM (sound of mum talking on the phone) Yes…yes… really,… that’s not right. Sound of phone being hung up.

NARRATOR  Right at that time, Super Cuz just happened to be walking past. Of course, he wasn’t dressed as the caped crusader, it was too cold to be wearing undies over your tights. But he did have his super hero outfit in his backpack, coz you never know when trouble might come calling.

SUPERCUZ What’s that? Did I hear a request for help?

MUM They said they wouldn’t take it back.

NARRATOR Super Cuz hurried behind a big tree to swap his clothes. Only a bird had dropped what he had for breakfast on his shoulder.

SUPERCUZ Get away, Git, You’d better get! Well they reckon you get luck when a bird goonas on ya.

Maybe this is my lucky day. I can do a good deed for someone.

GIRL 1 What’s that?

GIRL 2 It’s a flash at the window!

MUM Get away from the window you girls, it might be a stalker.

GIRL 3 Or someone trying to take a picture of my beautiful face for the Koori Mail.

GIRLS / JESSIE  Yeah right, in your dreams!

SUPERCUZ (Coughing sound) Excuse me, ladies.

GIRLS / JESSIE  Scream in fright

MUM What’s going on here young man?

SUPERCUZ Sorry Aunt, I didn’t mean to frighten you, but I heard you need help.

JESSIE My new phone doesn’t work.

MUM The shop wouldn’t take it back. They said they would fix it but they wanted to charge just to look at it.

GIRL 1 And she can’t take photos of us and we look fine tonight.

SUPERCUZ Girls, girls, calm down. There is something you can do. You should take that phone back to the shop, it’s a new phone and it’s got to be working. They can’t charge you to find out what’s wrong with it.

JESSIE But I don’t want it repaired.

SUPERCUZ You can ask for your money back if it’s not working.

MUM I’ll get the receipt straight away, I think I put it in the top draw.

SUPERCUZ You should always keep the receipt because you then have proof where you brought it from. If the shop doesn’t do the right thing, you can contact the NSW Department of Fair Trading.

MUM You’re the best Super Cuz. Thanks for your help.

GIRLS / JESSIE Yeah and next time come to the front door! (Laughter)