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Security to toys



  • Super Cuz
  • Girl 1
  • Girl 2
  • Intercom
  • Security
  • Lissa

GIRL 1 Did you have a good weekend?

GIRL 2 Sure did… I finally met him.

GIRL 1 Met who?

GIRL 2 The man of my dreams.

GIRL 1 I think you’re in dreamworld girl.

GIRL 2 I am, I met super Cuz (sigh).

GIRL 1 You mean Super Cuz, the fulla who appears out of no where, like a flash of lightning?

GIRL 2 (Dreamily)Yeah, him, the smartest man in K-town.

GIRL 1 And the only man in K- town who wears his underwear on the outside of his clothes (laughs).

GIRL 2 Go on laugh then, (dreamily) you don’t know him like I know him.

GIRL 1 You just met him on the weekend…(cynically)and today is Monday!

GIRL 2 Time is of no importance to me, I believe I have found the man of my dreams.

GIRL 1 Look Sis, don’t go getting silly about some bloke who wears strange clothes, turns up at strange times and…..

GIRL 2 Uh uh, I’m not listening.

GIRL 1 Well you wanna listen, he’s not the one for you.

GIRL 2 But he’s good, and he’s helpful and his legs in those tights are to die for.

GIRL 1 Listen to yourself, Lois Lane!

GIRL 2 Talk to the hand, just cos I got up and personal with the Cuz on the weekend and you didn’t.

GIRL 1 Give me a break.

GIRL 2 You know you’re dying to know.

GIRL 1 Ok you win, tell me the goss on this mad sort.

GIRL 2 Well, it was Saturday morning, we had to go get a present for my brother. It was his birthday. We went to the big department store.

GIRL 1 What section?

GIRL 2 Straight to the toy section.  But after a few minutes, we heard

INTERCOM Security to toys, security to toys.

GIRL 1 True?

GIRL 2 Yeah but we never thought anything of it, so we moved to the children’s clothing.

GIRL 1 And?

GIRL 2 We wasn’t long there either, when whaddya know…

GIRL 1 (Amazed) What?

GIRL 2 We heard it again

INTERCOM Security to children’s clothing, security to children’s clothing.

GIRL 1 You’re having me on.

GIRL 2 Wish I was.

GIRL 1 But was they following you?

GIRL 2 Well we didn’t think so, so we just moved to the kids shoes.

GIRL 1 And?

GIRL 2 And it happened again.

INTERCOM Security to foot wear, Security to footwear.

GIRL 1 Again?

GIRL 2 Yeah, again! So Lissa said “ Let’s go over to the CDs and see if they follow us there.” So we moved to the CDs.

GIRL 1 What happened next?

INTERCOM Security to Electrics, Security to Electrics.

GIRL 1 You’re kidding! Did you do anything?

GIRL 2 Lissa asked the security fulla if there was a problem and he said..

SECURITY We will have to search your bags.

GIRL 2 We couldn’t believe it, we hadn’t done anything and then he said..

SECURITY It is a requirement of the store that we have the right to search any bags, if we believe that there has been a security breach.

GIRL 1 Did he look in your bags?

GIRL 2 We told him he ain’t got no right to look in our bags, but because we wanted to be left in peace we showed him our bags. But guess what? He banned us anyway. He said he didn’t want our sort in the store.

GIRL 1 He never! What happened next?

GIRL 2 Just then, with a big flash and then a bang…

GIRL 1 What happened?

GIRL 2 Actually the bang was a display rack falling over...

GIRL 1 What?

GIRL 2 It was Super Cuz. His cape got caught in the rack.

GIRL 1 Oh, him again.

GIRL 2 Yes him, the man with the know and he knows how to use it.

GIRL 1 What did the big super hero do?

GIRL 2 What all super heroes do…he saved us.

SUPERCUZ Yaama sistas, you in need of help?

LISSA Who the, what the,,,?!

SUPERCUZ It’s super Cuz, the fearless warrior of truth and justice.

LISSA You been watching too much TV.

SUPERCUZ Now Sis, I’m sure you’ve heard of me, friend of the law, always looking to help my mob out.

LISSA Yeah, well help us now. We just got chucked out of the shopping centre and they told us we were banned.

SUPERCUZ Never fear, Super Cuz is here. Whoosh of cape.

GIRL 1 And did he help you?

GIRL 2 Course he did. He told us we did the right thing. That because they owned the store, they could ban us if we didn’t show the securities our bags. But security had no right to treat us the way they did and ban us because of who we are. Cuz also told us about how to make a complaint about our treatment.

GIRL 1 How?

GIRL 2 Call the Koori worker at the Anti-Discrimination Board.

GIRL 1 And did ya?

GIRL 2 Yep, I gave her a call and she helped me out.

GIRL 1 That Super Cuz, he’s alright, taking your side and helping you out. GIRL 2 I told you he was deadly. And he’s got brains, he’s got looks… GIRL 1 And he’s he got bad taste in clothes!

GIRL 2 Now, now Sis… you can’t judge a book by its cover.