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When the lights go out



  • Narrator
  • Super Cuz
  • Mum
  • Kid 1
  • Kid 2

NARRATOR It was hot in Koori Town. The kinda hot that makes you want to jump into an ice cold bath (Aargh – shiver). Yeah it was hot. It was one of those nights when K-Town came alive. Kids were playing footy on the grass strip and women stood outside their houses, gossiping to neighbours. (Sounds of people chatting). It seemed everyone wanted to get outside tonight. And in a little street on the east side, that’s what Super Cuz was doing. Of course he couldn’t go out in his super hero uniform, coz people would recognise him. And he wasn’t in the mood to be a super hero tonight… it was too hot. And he was looking real deadly in his new blue jeans and his South Sydney t-shirt. All he needed now was his new flash sunglasses. But hey, even a super hero can’t wear sunnies at night, totally not cool.

So Cuz went up past the preschool, across Simpson St, past the servo and turned left towards the park.

SUPERCUZ I’ll check the park, should be some action going on there.

NARRATOR Yeah, the park. The centre of Koori Town in the day and in the night.

Just then, a quick, cool breeze blew past.

KID1 Mum, I want a bath.

MUM Baby I told ya, Mum’ll have to wipe you over tonight.

KID1 (Crying)I want a bath, Mum, I want a bath.

MUM (Mother’s voice is carried in an anguished whisper in the wind and away from the child and directed to the unknown.) We don’t have hot water.

SUPERCUZ What’s this, I smell trouble on the breeze.

NARRATOR Super Cuz followed his nose. He’d been blessed with a big, broad, black nose just like his grandfather’s. Cuz was proud of that. His pop was a black tracker in his days.

SUPERCUZ Gotta keep up the traditions.

NARRATOR So Super Cuz went down the side lane behind George St, through Lawson to Little St.

KID 2 Mum, I want to watch TV.

MUM Sorry bub, we can’t tonight. There’s no electricity.

KID 2 But I wanna watch cartoons.

NARRATOR The smell of trouble was getting closer, it was right under Cuz’s nose.

Right there, at the blue house, second from the corner, number 5.

KID3 (Crying) Mum, I wanna ice block. 

MUM We haven’t got any.

KID3 But why Mum?

MUM Don’t worry babe, we’ll get some tomorrow.

KID 3 I want an ice block now mum.

MUM (Anguished) What am I gonna do? I got no money to pay the bill. How am I gonna get on with no power?

NARRATOR Super Cuz was right near the house now, only metres away. He tried to act as if he was just walking past.

SUPERCUZ Whistling

KIDS (Crying)I wanna ice block, I wanna bath, I wanna watch cartoons. NARRATOR Super Cuz knew he had to do something. He looked to the left… SUPERCUZ Nah, no phone boxes there.

NARRATOR He looked to the right…

SUPERCUZ Nah, no tall buildings there.

NARRATOR He looked behind...and saw a wheelie bin. Not really the place for a super hero to strip. And he had a reputation to uphold. Do I look deadly or help them little kids?

NARRATOR Cuz knew what he had to do. Behind the wheelie bin he went SUPERCUZ Wombat, emu, turtle and roo. Super Cuz is here to rescue you! MUM What the….!

KIDS Mum, what is it

SUPERCUZ Super Cuz, I’m here to help you.

MUM Whichway Cuz, you frightened us.

SUPERCUZ Sorry sis, but you know I have to help you. Being the only super hero in K’Town, it’s my duty.

MUM My electricity got cut off today. Buddy needed new shoes and Kiara had an excursion. I couldn’t let them miss out. They miss out on lots of things.

SUPER CUZ Never fear, Super Cuz is here. You can get help, you know.

MUM (Earnestly) What you talking about Cuz?

SUPERCUZ Most energy companies have a program to help people. You can call them and arrange to make a payment plan, you know pay off the bill. But if that doesn’t work, ring EWON, the Energy and Water Ombudsman and they’ll try to help.

MUM Thanks Super Cuz, I knew there’d be way out.

SUPERCUZ Just doing my job Sis. Now let’s go and get some ice blocks for these kids!

KIDS Yay for Super Cuz.