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The Child Protection Register

What is the Child Protection Register?

We call it the Register.

It is a record of people sentenced for sex offences against a child.

If you have committed an offence against a child you can ask a lawyer to check if you are on the Register.

If you are on the Register the police will need to know information about you.

This is called reporting.

They need to know:

  • your address
  • where you work
  • your phone number

If you choose not to report or lie to police you could be fined or imprisoned for 5 years, or both.

If you do not understand what you have to do you can talk to a lawyer.

Child Protection Register mistake

NSW Police can make mistakes.

In the past they have made mistakes with the Register.

A lawyer can help you:

  • if you think the police made a mistake about you, or
  • if you got a letter from the police.

You can call LawAccess NSW for help.

1300 888 529

Child Protection Prohibition Orders

If you are on the Register, NSW Police can apply for a Child Protection Prohibition Order against you.

We call it a CPPO.

If you have a CPPO there are things you are not allowed to do.

These are called conditions.

One condition is:

No contact with anyone who is under 18.

If you do not follow the condition you could be charged with a criminal offence and sentenced for up to 5 years in prison.

If the police make an application for a CPPO against you, you should get legal advice as soon as possible.

If you have a CPPO against you a lawyer can help you to cancel or change it.

LawAccess NSW is the free government service for legal help in NSW.

You can contact LawAccess NSW by phone on 1300 888 529.

You can also contact LawAccess NSW by webchat.


June 2022