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  • Languages - Legal Aid NSW


    Search. Search. Languages. How Legal Aid NSW can help you. This information is also available in English and Auslan. Note, some of the HTML languages below require certain computer fonts to be installed. If you have any trouble viewing the pages,

  • Law for Community Sector Workers Wills and planning ahead - Legal Aid …


    This workshop covers:. Wills. Power of Attorney. Enduring guardianship. Elder financial abuse. ... Explain the function of a will. Describe Power of Attorney. Describe Enduring guardianship.

  • Why make a will? - Legal Aid NSW


    Wills aren’t just for people who own property or have lots of money. ... do this yourself you will need to make an enduring power of attorney.

  • Making a will - Legal Aid NSW


    Wills aren’t just for people who own property or have lots of money. ... Anyone over 18 can make a will as long as they have mental capacity.

  • Legal advice - Legal Aid NSW


    If this happens we will refer you to another legal service for help. ... We will arrange a free interpreter. What do I need to do before seeing a lawyer?

  • Fee scales - Legal Aid NSW


    exceptional circumstances exist. Hearings: The use of an agent at a hearing will only be approved in exceptional circumstances. ... If a practitioner cannot attend a hearing it will generally be considered more appropriate for the matter to be reassigned

  • Workshops and webinars - Legal Aid NSW


    Click on Request a talk and someone will contact you about your request. ... Find out more about our workshops. We usually need at least 15 people before we will run a workshop or information session, and we usually need you to book at least

  • Annual report - Legal Aid NSW


    4.5MB pdf). An html version will follow shortly. Last updated: 23 Nov 2017.

  • News for lawyers - Legal Aid NSW


    Search. Search. News for lawyers. 15 Dec 2017. Legal Aid NSW offices will be closed from 25 December 2017 to 5 January 2018 and reopen on 8 January 2018. ... Anyone who needs legal advice relating to a Centrelink debt will benefit from a new, streamlined

  • Apply for legal aid - Legal Aid NSW


    I am eligible for a grant?), you will still be eligible for legal aid. ... You will usually need to pay a contribution towards the cost of the legal services.

41 - 50 of 1,979 search results for wills in italian where 35 match all words and 1,944 match some words.


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