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Case report summaries

Case 1:

We acted for an 87 year old client, B, who contributed $555,000.00 towards the purchase of a property for herself and her nephew and his family. B financed the purchase through the sale of her unit and withdrawing savings from bank accounts. B was not registered on the certificate of title. The relationship broke down and B was forced to move into rented accommodation. Her nephew claimed the money was a gift. The case settled with the nephew agreeing to sell the property and the proceeds being split in accordance with the agreement reached by the parties.

Case 2:

C, an elderly woman, was at risk of losing her home after a forged mortgage was registered on the title of her property. A ‘friend’ presented herself as a successful accountant, offered to arrange free house insurance for C and duped her into providing her identification details and access to her certificate of title. She entered into a loan and mortgage in C’s name and the loan monies were paid into her own bank account.

The loan was not repaid. The lender brought repossession proceedings against C. We defended the action and cross-claimed against the fraudster and the solicitors who had released our client’s certificate of title to the lender’s solicitors. The case settled and C retained her home.