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Employment Law Services

Who we are

The Employment Law Service is a specialist service of Legal Aid NSW. We provide free legal advice, assistance and representation for workers with employment law problems.

We provide employment law advice in our offices that provide civil law advice throughout NSW. We also have dedicated employment law advice sessions on fixed dates.

You should call first to check that we can help you and make an appointment.

If you are not sure which office to contact call LawAccess NSW 1300 888 529.

Who we can help

We can help many types of workers, including:

  • full time workers
  • part time workers
  • casual workers
  • government workers
  • young workers
  • contractors
  • workers on visas

How we can help

Help over the phone

LawAccess NSW provides legal information, referrals and in some cases advice. You can contact LawAccess NSW on 1300 888 529.


We can give advice about many types of employment law problems, involving:

  • wages and entitlements
  • leave
  • superannuation
  • dismissal
  • redundancy
  • discrimination
  • issues affecting contractors


We can provide representation in employment law legal proceedings in the Fair Work Commission, in the courts and in other tribunals. We represent workers who are eligible for legal aid in accordance with our policies.

For more information about making an application for legal aid, visit the apply for legal aid page.


We give seminars on areas of employment law for groups of workers, community organisations and community workers. If you would like us to give a seminar, please contact the Employment Law team: civilparalegal@legalaid.nsw.gov.au.

The Law Handbook

Chapter 24 - Employment pdf (contribution published by Thomson Reuters and material reproduced with the permission of the Publisher).