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Legal help about Social Security

Who we are

Legal Aid NSW can give you free legal help if you have a Centrelink problem.

Who we help

We can help people on social security or family assistance payments who have a Centrelink problem.

How we can help

Advice and Assistance

We can give you free independent advice about your Centrelink problems. We can tell you about your rights to social security and family assistance payments.

We may be able to help you if:

  • you have to pay back money to Centrelink;
  • you can't get a payment;
  • you are getting the wrong amount;
  • your payments have been stopped;
  • you want to appeal a Centrelink decision; or
  • you are being investigated by Centrelink.


If you’re not happy with a decision that Centrelink makes you can challenge the decision.

If you have appealed a Centrelink decision to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or the Federal Court we may be able to represent you if you are eligible for legal aid.  We will prepare your case, obtain evidence and represent you at the hearing.


We give talks for community groups and community workers on topics like:

  • Centrelink debts and prosecutions;
  • Disability Support Pension payments;
  • Compensation issues;
  • Relationships and Centrelink;
  • Residence issues;
  • Asset and income test issues.

Contact us

You must call us first to book an appointment.

You can see us at our Central Sydney office on:

  • Monday mornings
  • Tuesday afternoons, and
  • Thursday mornings

Call 02 9219 5790 to make an appointment.

  • You can also see us at some of our other offices. (Call LawAccess NSW on 1300 888 529 to find your closest Legal Aid office).
  • you can make an appointment at one of our South West Sydney social security advice clinics.
  • If you have appealed to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (General Division) you can see a Legal Aid lawyer at the Tribunal on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Call 02 9391 2400 to make appointment.

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