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Work and Development Order Scheme

work and development orders

A Work and Development Order (WDO) enables eligible people who are experiencing hardship to reduce their unpaid fines by participating in voluntary work, approved courses or programs. Participation in a WDO is voluntary.


The WDO scheme is delivered through a partnership with Revenue NSW, Legal Aid NSW and the Department of Communities and Justice.

  • Department of Communities & Justice administer the WDO scheme including overseeing the WDO Guidelines and Audits.
  • Revenue NSW manage unpaid fines in NSW, approve WDOs, process new WDO sponsor applications, manage the online Self Service Portal & Self Service Portal Guide.
  • Legal Aid NSW has a WDO service with six teams across the State.  We promote access to WDOs, provide training for organisations, develop WDO resources and provide a specialist service for clients with unpaid fines
  • Aboriginal Legal Service NSW/ACT promote the WDO scheme to ensure it is accessed by Aboriginal and Torrest Strait Islander people who need assistance with unpaid fines.

What are WDOs?

How does a WDO work?

A WDO is a three-way agreement between Revenue NSW, the client and an approved WDO sponsor. The WDO applicant agrees to undertake an activity in exchange for clearing their unpaid fines. Clients can do activities such as a TAFE course, treatment program, life skills course, or mentoring to help clear their unpaid fines.

A WDO application must be supported by an approved WDO Sponsor who will monitor participation in appropriate activities. There is no cost to either the Sponsor or the applicant.

WDOs timeline

WDO Sponsors

If you are a WDO Sponsor or are interested in becoming one visit our WDO Sponsor Resources page for WDO factsheets, guidelines and other resources.